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Q1: What is the Seibukan Yudansha-kai?
A1:  The Seibukan Yudansha-kai is the home web site for Members of the International Okinawan Shorinryu Seibukan Karate-do Association.
Q2: Who has access to the Seibukan Yudansha-kai website?
A2: All dues paying members of the IOSSKA have free access to the web site.
Q3: How can I pay my annual dues for the IOSSKA?
A3: There are two ways to pay your dues:
1) Send $45 to Sensei Dan Smith at the address listed on the Contact Us page
2) Subscribe to the web site by clicking on "Subscribe to Seibukan Yudansha-kai website on the Home page or click SUBSCRIBE to pay by PayPal.
Q4: What is PayPal?
A4: PayPal is a very safe web service that allows users to pay by credit card or check. PayPal is an approved service by the Seibukan Yudansha-kai.
Q5: What does mean?
A5: Click Here for more information.
Q6: What do I do for technical assistance?
A6: Go to the Email response on the Contact Us page  
Q7: Are email addresses available for the Yudansha-kai members with the domain name?
A7: Yes, for $5/year you can request a (forwarding) email address. It will be an address that forwards your email to an existing mailbox.